Monday, August 15, 2022

We're back with a Brand New Song and a Brand New Reason!

Kai Huyno photos by Scott Tj R. Bandoquillo

After a very long hiatus, we are finally back to releasing new songs.... with a new direction! In my bid to resurrect the band, things just took a hard turn when the logistics of making it happen seems to make that plan a very difficult one to achieve. After all, the Philippines is an archipelago, and the band members live in different islands away from each other.  So I opted for a different approach. A bit different but defnitely back to the simpler times when we started our songwriting journey. As chronicled in my past entry, I've decided to go back to the roots of how Thoughts And Notions came to be. Wilbert, Thrina, and Me and our songs. This keeps things simpler in such a way that we'll just have to focus on writing songs and put them on Digital Music platforms for the moment. So Live engagements will have to take a backseat. Though I hope one day we'll be back on stage to perform to a live audience again. And yes, while this set up would work in the meantime, Thrina had to beg off in recording new songs for the moment. Because Mother duties beckons. And there's no more important thing for us than our families. So that left me and Wilbert to soldier on, with the dilemma that none of us are natural born singers. So we have to improvise.

Check out Kuya Bryan's Spotify Page

Fortunately, I've come to know Kuya Bryan, the founder of OBM Music, which stands for Original Bisaya Music. He's a prolific songwriter (not to mention that he's also a huge supporter of songwriters from Visayas and Mindanao islands) from the Queen City of the South (Cebu City) who is close to writing 100 songs in the native Visayan dialect and other languages commonly used in the Philippines. And his story and how he writes his songs inspired me in such a way that I decided to adopt his way of thinking. That is to continue writing songs and worry about the song interpreter later. (check out his songs on his Youtube Channel in this link by the way). From this thought, it opened my horizons to scout for up and coming singers that deserves a shot at having their voices heard. And just use Thoughts And Notions as a platform or a springboard for them to be heard and discovered to the multitudes of listeners in the global digital music platform. Of course this is by no means as a move to replace Thrina. Because whether she would sing again or not, she's still a vital part of Thoughts And Notions, and I personally would love to see her reclaim the vocal duties in the near future. But opening up the idea to feature new singers and artists as collaborative partners of Thoughts And Notions is something that sounds so in tune with the times when Music consumption is so much free and easier to access compared to the old times. One only needs an internet connection and you are set!

Meet Kai Huyno, the featured artist for this track

That said, the first artist that we'll be featuring with this new kind of set up is Kai Huyno. She's the daughter of Jessie Huyno, another artist that we used to do live gigs with back in the day. I've helped produce one of his songs, and I just realized now that I haven't posted it here yetπŸ˜…. So a post about it should be in order soon. Apologies. But back to Kai, I discovered her doing a cover of Olivia Rodrigo's Driver's License on her defunct Youtube channel. And I kind of notice her potential. So I asked Jessie if I could launch Kai as the featured artist for our next song. Fortunately, Kai was open to doing it. That, considering that currently she has too much on her plate. And singing kinda took a backseat for her. Aside from singing as her past time, things are looking up for her in her budding Modeling career. Not to mention that she's one of the deadly spikers and blockers of her school's Volleyball Varsity Team. So getting her to sing our new song was an honor.

As for the new song, Brand New Reason. The lyrics was something I actually wrote years back. Sometime around 2007 If I am not mistaken. While there were recent new lyrics that I wrote which was intended for the band's reformation, I decided to use an old lyrics for this endeavor. I rewrote the whole lyrics of the song and transformed it to something better. Of course, finishing touches from Wilbert also was a big help. And since this will be the first song that Thrina won't be singing, I decided to change the song direction and make it sound different. Not a traditional Thoughts And Notions song that hovers mostly on the Pop/Rock genre. This is a straight up Pop song. A bit lo-fi with sparse instruments. I guess we just wanted to highlight Kai's unique vocal quality in contrast to Thrina's power vocals. It also does not help that as we grew older, our peers started to veer away from Rock Music. And this is partly an acquiesce to their comments. Not my regular cup of tea, but definitely loving the different vibe it brings. Oh I guess, what a way to relaunch Thoughts And Notions with a new song like this. Something that you've never heard of from our past catalogue. Would definitely love to work with Kai in the future. I'll just have to start writing new lyrics again.  

So without much further adieu, let me share to you our Brand New Song. Our Brand New Reason!

Stream the song on the following links:

We've got a Brand New Reason to keep this thing going! Hoping that you'll join us for this rebirth of some sortπŸ˜‡

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

It's been so long but here's some quick updates!


Just some quick updates! (well collated from our more updated Facebook Page that you might want to give a like and follow to interact with us as well as get up to date updates. It seems people are more into Facebook now than reading blogs? πŸ˜…)

We've finally hit 500 followers (well that took a bit more time don't you think?)

We were pleasantly surprised that we’ve gained 200 plus followers last July 20,2022 to propel us over the 500 followers mark. We are now being followed by 680 users on Spotify! Even more reason to write new songs and release them the soonest!  We are officially on the road to 1,000 followers, and we are hoping to reach more listeners who we hope could find some positive stories from our songs!😊

Meanwhile, Thank You to our 2,192 Listeners this July! This means so much to us. So just hold on a bit, more songs coming in towards the end of the year. 😊

As for out albums, here's some numbers that finally broke the 100k streaming mark for these releases!

The first ever album that we wrote/composed/recorded was this album. Which was originally intended to be a fundraising project for our Church's Music Ministry. There was no intention to release it outside our Church's confines. But things just got bigger and bigger when Praise Music offered us a contract to distribute the album Nationwide in CD Format. That was May 1, 2006. If I remember it right, we sold 500 CD's on the first few months. And I lost track how many were sold all in all. 

*Full Story can be found in our Band's Blog Page:

On October 29, 2021, we finally released the whole album in Digital Music Format. With Spotify as the most common source for the Digital Music streams for this album. Just last weekend, the album finally breached 100,000 streams. It's not as big as a million. But for the people who lent us their ears in listening to the songs in this album, we are grateful for making our songs a part of your lives.

It was an amazing journey for three individuals, Thrina (Vocals), Wilbert (songwriter/sound engineer), and me. To get it to a point that we started in a little city in Cagayan de Oro some 17 years ago. And now to have it heard in a global scale albeit in Digital Music Format. I guess we are blessed to have been able to preserve the songs and our Faith Stories in this album. Thank God for all the guidance thru all those years! And of course to all of you!

Our story has just began in this new Digital Age. We hope you'll be here in the coming months and years to come! Still, we proclaim, to God be the Greater Glory!

Stream the whole album here in case you still haven'tπŸ˜…


We think an update for this album is really due. πŸ˜…

On the other hand, our sophomore album (released on Digital Music Platforms last March 2022) finally breached the 100,000 streams mark yesterday. Unlike our debut album, this album was something that we never thought would see the light of day. Originally released in 2009 independently, and produced using CD-Rs and DIY packaging, the album never had a formal nationwide release as the band took a hiatus after being nominated in the prestigious NU 107 Rock Awards. There was a formal contract offered to us for Nationwide Distribution by a label, but we never pursued it when we disbanded. So to release it Digitally and in a more global scale, this milestone is truly something that we treasure. Specially when we thought the story and the songs of Thoughts And Notions would die with it. 

That said, we are very honored and thankful to the listeners of not just this album, but to all of our songs as well. We have always felt that this album marked an improvement to our overall sound. And getting it released this year for the people to listen to it is already a huge accomplishment. When we decided to return, we always had this sense of loss because we lost all of our fans and followers back then after more than 10 years away from the spotlight. But to gain more and in a global scale as we started to rebuild again, you all are truly a blessing to us.

And as we look forward to the road ahead, we would like to quote our main vocalist Thrina Dimaano EscaΓ±o's haunting singing/wailing of our song "Arise" which is track one of this album. 

 " I will NEVER give up..........."  

Thank You from the deepest recesses of our collective hearts!

Stream our second album on this link if you still haven'tπŸ™‚:

And the most streamed single we currently have...just made it as our first 100k streamed song! Runaway Angel continues to be well accepted by Finland and the United States, growing to be the places where the song is getting most of its streams. This song was the song that gave us a nomination in the 2009 NU 107 Rock Awards from the now defunct premier Rock Radio station in the Philippines, NU 107, some long long time ago. And it is getting so much love in this Digital Music version. 

As always, we thank you for all your support. And we are hoping we are all in this together for the long haul…. on to the first million streams?πŸ˜…

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Thoughts And Notions just made it into the inner Top 100,000 Artist rankings on Chartmetric!

A little bit of good news came our way!

Chartmetric Monitors your song's Digital Music Profile all across Digital Music Apps. We've been using this in the past month to monitor our progress and today we are shocked to find out that we zoomed 600K places up to make it to the top 96,570th spot on the worldwide Digital Music Space. This is the highest gain we got thus far! Getting the number 1 spot is still a long way to go. But we are happy for this gain. Now it is back to work to get our music freely being streamed in the digital music space. Thank God for these small victories as we continue to do the work in sharing Positive Christian Music to the willing listeners out there.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Story behind the Repentance Lyric Video

Since it is the season of Lent, I think it is about right that I talk about the backstory of why I decided to produce this Lyric Video. But let me share first about the story of how I wrote the lyrics and the inspiration for it. Of all the lyrics that I have written, personally this one stands out for me in terms of writing a very personal and introspective song about Jesus Christ. Visually, I borrowed heavily from the scenes of the movie The Passion of the Christ. Which was very controversial back in the day when it was released in movie theaters. And you could really see how bloody it was for Jesus. And seeing his suffering, it just hit me so hard that I became so angry at myself. Thus, I wrote this very personal song for Jesus. Back then, when I wrote the lyrics of this song, I visualized myself as being present on the day Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross. I internalized the visuals that went through my mind and penned a personal message to Jesus. With Wilbert's assistance, he composed the sound structure of the song according to the emotions that I felt in each word and sentences written in the lyrics. Thrina then supplied the vocalization to the best of her abilities. Well, you might be wondering why such an introspective song turned out to be on the heavy side of Rock Music. It was personally designed that way by me because I was experiencing a bevy of emotions while writing the lyrics. There was part remorse, part anger, part realization, and just the pure desire to repent. So you could see the build up of the music from a semblance of introspective solemnity thru the light guitar strums and the hums. Then as the realization hit me of how a fool I was for drowning in sin, you would hear the heavy rock music of the angry guitars and the drum beats. And then when the decision to repent is finally made, you would hear the softening of the guitars until the outro. I think the way the music was composed might not be palatable to those who are looking for a more solemn song for the theme of Repentance and remorse. There are a lot of solemn and ballad type of songs with similar themes that I used to sing and make me cry. But I think for me in writing this song, the anger of being in the bondage of sin was very strong in me. Especially when I visualized the violent suffering and crucifixion of Jesus. It really hit that hard. I guess I needed to let go of that anger to truly find healing within me. So writing this song was in a way very cathartic for me.  

Now as for the Lyric Video. The back story of the production of this was, I was looking for ways how in my own little ways that I could contribute to something during this season of Lent. I have been planning for this since January and timed the release of our second album's carrier single "Beloved Savior" weeks before the Holy Week begins. But I wasn't confident enough that the song could be used as an instrument to reach many listeners. Or make it to a bigger Spotify Editorial Playlist and reach as many random Spotify listeners as it could. So I decided to do other things like this Lyric Video instead. Then in the middle of finalizing the video, I suddenly received a message from our Digital Distributor that our song Beloved Savior made it to Spotify's New Music Friday Editorial Playlist. So it totally came in as a shock to me. Because the moment (to have our song reach a lot of listeners this Lenten Season) that I have been hoping and praying for suddenly came to fruition. Truly, Divine intervention happened. And it was by God's design and his plan to grant my prayer and use one of our songs as his instrument to touch people's lives. So as this happened, I still continued to pursue the Lyric Video and was determined to finish it nevertheless. So here it is in its entirety. This is just a little testimony of how I encountered God's mysterious plans for me. All I know is that my heart is truly dedicated in the mission to share God's Love to as much willing listeners as I can. God knows about that. It is my commitment to him. And that is the only motivation that I have why I decided to pursue this Music Ministry that I started since 2005.

This Lenten season, we would like to share this song to everyone and appeal for everyone to repent from our sins and embrace Jesus Christ in our life. Let us be reminded of how he died for us to save us from our sins. How his sacrifice should not be in vain. Because when he died for us, he knew that we would rally behind him and find salvation in him. His life was precious. God's only begotten son. But our life is precious too and worth saving.  

This is the story of the song called REPENTANCE.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Beloved Savior makes it to Spotify's New Music Friday Philippines Playlist!

Last March 24, I received a text message from our Digital Music Distributor. It was a message of congratulations. Bearing news that our hand picked carrier single for our second album's digital music release have been added to the much coveted Spotify's New Music Friday Philippines playlist. I was pretty much in shock and surprised that the song Beloved Savior made it. This was the fourth time that we pitched a song for the playlist's inclusion and the previous three tries did not make it. So I didn't expect for any of our songs to make it there. I did my research and I found out that most songs that makes it to the playlist were songs that were backed by huge Record Labels. And mostly, what is being featured are mainstream and secular Pop songs by mainstream artists. So landing on the playlist was some sort of a miracle for us. To which I believe that it was by God's design. Because weeks before the album's release, I was already planning to release a song that would be relevant for the Lenten Season. I wanted to remind people in whatever way that I can of God's presence in their lives. And as an independent Christian Contemporary Band, it would be undoubtedly hard to be able to share our songs to an audience most specially that our long hiatus made us lose most of our listeners back in the day. Just a day before the album was released, I even talked about how I was hoping that we could find new listeners and followers now that we are releasing our songs online. So it was like God heard my prayer about having an audience to listen to our songs again.

The original Lyric Card and Sticker that was packaged with our Second Album's CD Release

Beloved Savior was actually a song that I did not wrote. It was written by our drummer, Adonis Berongoy, long before he joined our band. As part of their Church's Music Ministry, he composed an original song and sang it in his Church. Recording it was not even part of the plan. But when Adonis joined the band and as we were finalizing the song line up for the second album, he contributed the song to us. As the Chief Lyricist of Thoughts And Notions, I was always adamant that our album should have at least one Praise and Worship track. And in the process of finalizing the songs for the second album, I told the band that they should also contribute songs for the album as I wanted to showcase their songwriting talents too. And Beloved Savior was a perfect Praise and Worship track for the album. Wilbert was also very instrumental in contributing to the final sound of the song. As the stripped down acoustic composition of Adonis was further enhanced by Wilbert's additional work in giving the song its final sound. Even back in the day, we always valued the song. In fact, when we previously released the album in CD format, we included a pocket sized lyric card that printed the lyrics of the song. The idea was that for those who were able to purchase the album, it would be easier for them to bring the lyric card with them and used it as something like a prayer card that they could put in their pocket and carry along. We wanted Beloved Savior to be more than just a song. But a Praise and Worship prayer too. Or a Love Letter to God. That one can read/use to honor God on a day to day basis. So when I asked Thrina which song should be the carrier single for the second album's digital music release, her handpicked choice was Beloved Savior.

Getting on the playlist was a huge opportunity for us to be discovered by more listeners as our listener base jumped from 800 plus to 2,000 plus listeners the moment the song made it to the playlist. It was like an answered prayer to the things that I was wondering just a day before the album's release. It also heartened me when I saw a sharp increase of people saving and putting our songs on their personal playlists during the time the song was put on the New Music Friday Philippines playlist. I really appreciated it that the song was making a dent in one way or another as the Lenten Season was in full swing. So it was really some sort of a divine intervention for God to work his wonders again. I mean, from the moment I decided to revive Thoughts And Notions on the digital music space, I offered everything to God and just stayed faithful to the mission and vision that I made for the band. And that is to share God's Amazing Love and help uplift wounded souls in need of God's grace and healing. That remained true now as it remained true back then. God is in complete command in everything that I do for Thoughts And Notions. And I always ask for his discernment in every step that I take this time around. 

The Text Message that I received from our Digital Distributor

After a week, Beloved Savior disappeared on the playlist. As New Music Friday Philippines is updated every Fridays weekly. So what's next? Spotify usually adds some of the well engaged (streamed/saved/playlisted) songs to their other genre specific Editorial Playlists. Right now, I don't know if the song would be placed in another Editorial Playlist. Will I receive another text message form our Digital Distributor? But either way, it served its purpose. I would want it to reach more listeners. But like always, I trust God to take control of our songs and use it according to his wishes. I'm just so thankful and blessed that from March 24 to March 31, he was able to use it to touch the hearts of the listeners of the New Music Friday Philippines Playlist. What comes next will all be up to him. And like what I always say, even if we don't reach One Million Listeners, as long as our song was able to touch that one lost soul and bring that someone back to God, then everything was well worth it. 

Beloved Savior appeared at Number 76

You can still stream/listen to our entire album by accessing these links below. And, if you could save our songs and add it to your playlists and share it too. We'd really appreciate it if you could be part of our mission to share God's Love through our songs. Maybe we can reach that one person in need of God's Love πŸ˜‡



As always, to God's Greater Glory!!! 

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Thoughts And Notions: Love, Faith, Hope, Redemption. A Retrospective!

I haven't found much time updating this blog in the past month. Been busy with promoting our songs on the Social Media landscape as our Debut Album's digital music release and the succeeding singles that I released (which is also part of this upcoming album) were taking too much of my time. I still have a lot of backlog stories to share, currently on draft. These were stories mostly from 2006-2007 which I wasn't able to upload in this blog. I used to frequent the defunct Social Media site Friendster before, but then lost all of my blog when it shut down. So I'm currently reconstructing those stories and transfer it here in this blog. But I guess those will have to take a momentary backseat in favor of the upcoming release of our sophomore album, which happens to be released tomorrow by the way. So this blog entry will be a retrospective on the lead up to the recording and the production of the sophomore album. Though you can read the very old stories of our journey right here in this blog too. The lead up to the release can be read here. CD Packaging concept, which I carefully planned to incorporate a more environmental friendly product can be read here. A store SKU promo display which I personally made can be found here. And lastly an early review of the album which can be read here. So now, let's get to the retrospective.

For those who are familiar with our origin story, Thoughts And Notions was really an unplanned project beyond the confines of our Church. It was just our way of contributing to our Church's fundraising project, as well as my personal therapy from a heartbreak that I was nursing. But then God had other plans for us. Praise Music signed us to a contract and asked us to form a band so that we could further promote our music to a live audience. This we did as we pursued in making sure that our songs would be heard by a larger audience. So as the debut album was released (which you can now hear on Digital Music apps like Spotify and Youtube by the way), we spent more time honing our skills to prepare us in bringing our songs to a live audience. But beyond a couple of mall shows and album launching, we basically operated as an independent band. We played in small shows to build our reputation as a legitimate live gigging band playing original and cover music. As well as playing as support front acts to various popular bands and artists that visited Cagayan de Oro City where we were based. And like every other bands out there, we endured numerous line up changes as some moved on from the band. It probably took us a year or so before we finally settled as to who would be the personnel behind the band. Of course, the music and sound behind the debut album was a solo effort by my songwriting partner Wilbert Tan. And the arrival of new band personnel would mean that I will have a host of new musicians who could help bring a new sound to my lyrics. So basically, the follow up album would mean a newer sound of different varities, and a more youthful sound overall. 

That one time we had Wilbert join us on stage for our Anniversary Concert

But this does not mean a complete departure from Wilbert's influences. He is still the main arranger and the final mixing and mastering still went through his hands before the songs is fully finished after the band recorded it. The debut album was mixed and mastered by a still developing Wilbert, and some improvements had to be made for the sophomore album. Thank God though, Wilbert was more experienced this time around as his stay in Manila would further train him to hone his skills after serving stints with various bands of different musical styles. His stay with Drizzle, an acoustic/pop/alternative band, as the lead guitarist would train him to have more pop sensibilities to his ear. Serving as the lead guitarist to Ram Chavez's Band, an Original Pilipino Music friendly alternative rock sounding band, would also train him to find a more Filipino flavor to his sound. And as part of the Industrial Rock duo Switch, his influences on Alternative Rock music would marry with the Synth Rock laden music of Switch. This is on top of his various musical influences that trained him to become one of the most prolific but underrated songwriter from Cagayan de Oro. For this sophomore album, he would be responsible for the music and sound of six songs in this album. Namely Runaway Angel, When, Like A Child, A Promise (which by the way was a solo effort by Wilbert), Like Heaven, Pagsapit ng Panahon, and a collaboration with the entire band in the song called Stronger, Higher, Further. His newfound influences are littered all over the aforementioned songs.  

Thrina's Vocal Recording for the second album

Thrina meanwhile had also started to hone her vocal work in the lead up to the recording of the album because by this time, she was already exposed to singing solo more to a live audience rather than as part of our Church's choir. The debut album was really her baptism of fire as a recording vocalist. And her inexpreience I guess were evident in some of the songs. So the live singing experience with a band prepared her in such a way that she now had more chemistry with a band rather than doing vocal work through a pre-recorded finished song. I'd probably say that she's not perfect when compared to more established artists but the improvement from the debut album is clearly seen. And I have always believed that our sophomore album clearly had a lot of potential as the song Runaway Angel was even picked up by NU 107, Philippine's biggest Rock Music station back then, and got us nominated for College Band of the Year. Of course we didn't win that award. But to be nominated was already a feat, specially considering that we came from a far flung city in Mindanao. Thoughts And Notions is basically Thrina's journey and development as a vocalist. So whatever you hear from Thoughts And Notions is basically a snapshot of a bygone era of how someone got dragged along to sing for a recorded album, and never thought the songs that were recorded would ever travel outside the confines of the Church that she was singing to. Of course these recordings were some 10 years ago or so. And we are plotting to release one more album of songs that we hope could feature Thrina's familiar vocals once more. And that is with two kids later. So how would an older Thrina sound like?      

Thoughts And Notions line up that recorded our sophomore album

As for the rest of the band members, Adonis Berongoy (drummer), John Erickson Gloria (guitarist), and Doris Bangot (bass/backing vocals). The sophomore album was their debut in the recording circuit. I took them in and exposed them to the world of recording. And their contributions as part of Thoughts And Notions is forever engraved in the band's history. I had some very productive collaborations with the band in the songs Arise (to which the composition of the sound was a band effort). Safer in My Heart (a collaboration with Adonis Berongoy), as well as giving them their own showcase of the songs that they wrote and composed in the songs Cloudy Day (Erickson/Adonis), Beloved Savior (Adonis), which was a favorite in Adonis' Church before he contributed the song for our sophomore album. I have also handpicked the song Beloved Savior as the carrier single for this album's Digital Music Release. Even back in the day, this song was the band's favorite because not only is it a Praise and Worship song, but the entire band also felt that everyone was at their best and was greatly inspired to record the song as our way of honoring God and giving him thanks for the talents that he gave us as well as all the blessing that he showered us with in the lead up to the recordings. Post Thoughts And Notions, the three of them (along with Thrina) would form their own respective bands and further explore the other facets of their talents. And they would earn even more accolades in the local music scene in Cagayan de Oro. But as for this moment, we are also working on some new songs. Exploring the possibilities of coming up with a follow up album. Though distance and work demands might be too much a challenge to make things work again, most specially that some have moved on to explore their respective musical passions. But it will probably push through with God's blessing.

Self-Made Shelf Display as our album is being sold at one of the record bars in CDO 

Originally, the album was released simply as a self-titled album on CD format. Simply Thoughts And Notions. But for this digital release, I wanted to change things up. There was actually an alternative title for it. And that's what I'm using now. Naming the album as Love, Faith, Hope, Redemption. I feel that this is a much better suited title for this Digital Music release. Back then, I wanted to move away from wordy titles as the Debut album had a wordy title. It was also a debut of some sort for the band. So Thoughts And Notions was I think the better choice. It was also a safer choice when the album gets picked up by the mainstream audience. Somehow, Christian Contemporary Music is not yet that well accepted in the Philippines. So that was part of the challenge back then. But now, I think making those decisions was a mistake. Because we never should be ashamed of our Christian Faith. I know it was made with a "marketing" mindset. Especially for us who operated as an independent band treading the lines between mainstream independent music and Christian Contemporary Music. The thing was, the first album sounded very Christian Contemporary. This second one veered away a bit from it. Though it was made with a strategic decision in mind. However, every Thoughts And Notions album will always come with a Praise and Worship track. That is an uncompromisable stance that I choose and will continue to choose. That is non-negotiable when it comes to releasing an album done by Thoughts And Notions. I feel this second album was the best that we have ever done at that point. For one, to be nominated in a prestigious national award giving body was something we never thought of. Secondly, there was already one recording company that was ready to offer us a distribution contract for the second album. All it took was my signature to finish the deal. But then we went our separate ways. Maybe because we all had some growing up to do. Or maybe it wasn't part of God's plan anymore. To this day, I really felt it was a missed opportunity for us. But we can never go back in time and try to undo some mistakes. All we can do is to learn from it and move forward with the lessons. I even thought that was totally the end of Thoughts And Notions. Until God nudged me back to this Music Ministry.

The Original Environment Friendly Album Packaging as designed by Jenipur Wapano

This is the last Thoughts And Notions album under my possession. And finally, it will see the light of day through its availability in various Digital Music Apps. I'm anxious if this could still be appreciated by our listeners who already grew older and have moved on to other musical tastes. I'd say we've lost a fan base that really supported us from the beginning. We've been hibernating for so long that I don't know where to find them. But this digital music beginning is bringing us new fans and listeners nevertheless. And I'm praying and hoping as this album gets released, we'd be appreciated by a new generation of audience who continues to seek positive Christian Music to help them get by. And with this, let us share again the story of God's LOVE. Let us continue to grow our FAITH in him, no matter the circumstances that we are in. Let us HOPE that there will always be a brighter tomorrow. And finally, let us find the REDEMPTION that we so deserve after holding on to God's Promise, and putting our entire TRUST in him.

Pre-Save our album now by clicking the link below:

And for those who are joining us in our new journey to share our music in the Digital Music Space, thank you for your continued support. We hope that our songs would mean something to you. As it used to have to those who fully supported us back then.    

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

New single "Safer in My Heart" to premiere in Digital Music Stores this Feb 11, 2022


Album Cover Art by Lester Lim
For the most part, Thoughts And Notions main musical engine has been powered by Wilbert Tan (or Wile Lile on his Digital Music accounts). Our debut album, "In Awe of His Amazing Love" has been an aural journey of what Wilbert could do with his musical skills. And as we worked on our second album, and with the band formally coalescing, it became apparent that my songwriting collaborations would expand with new faces and new talents. Of course, Wilbert is still and will still continue to remain my main songwriting partner. In fact, the recently released single "Runaway Angel" that Wilbert and I collaborated with was the carrier single of the supposedly second album back then. Reaching the peak of its powers when the band got nominated in the 2009 NU 107 Rock Awards under the strength of that song. But the arrival of new band members would also signal a little shift of musical styles. Of course, the imprints of Wilbert is still around as he is the sound engineer of all our songs. Now, set to premiere digitally, and I believe the first time this song will be heard in public (we never promoted or released this song on the radio before). Safer in My Heart will finally be heard. This will be a departure of that signature Thoughts And Notions Pop/Alternative Rock sound as the band decided to strip our song to its bare essentials and focus on the message. The heartfelt lyrics that we would like to impart to everyone specially during this Love Month and the current pandemic that we are in now. 

Safer in My Heart is the first of my many collaborations with Adonis Berongoy (Drummer), John Erickson Gloria (Lead Guitars), and Doris Bangot (Bass) as they represent the face of Thoughts And Notions during the production and promotion of our second album way back in 2008-2009. Adonis was the main composer of the music of this beautifully written Acoustic Ballad that we hope would tug your heart strings. I could probably say that this is definitely one my favorite lyrical composition as of today. Which got a perfect fit with the supplied acoustic ballad type of music that Adonis saw fit to marry the lyrics with. And from what I believe, Adonis so love the song that he asked me if he could create a rendition of this song in Visayan language for his and Erickson's other band, the Bisaya Rock outfit, Brandibelly. They translated the lyrics into the Visayan language and added more to it. Turning it into a Rock Ballad. From what I heard, this became a crowd favorite in the Bisaya speaking areas in the country where they were able to perform their rendition of this song. But the public has never heard the song in its purest form. In its unembellished sound. In Thrina's original rendition of the song. Well until this February 11, 2022. And I'm personally anxious to find out how this song will be received 13 years from when we recorded it. Will it still resonate to you our listeners after all these years of changing musical tastes? Will the song have aged well with our audience as our audience aged through the years? I guess, I'll find out soon enough.

So, this Valentines Day, if you feel so lost, alone, depressed, or just feel that everything seems to go wrong with your life. Let us get you in on this special secret of ours. Someone told us that we'll be "Safer in My Heart." Let HIM show you the way. Let HIM show you Love as it should be.

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